About neat UX


My name is Ali Daneshmandi. I am 32 and I am a software designer-developer with a great passion for User Experience. Technically speaking, I am a C# developer and a UX designer with a XAML love. But when it comes to the UX itself I am not tied to the tools and the tech but I look on how neat, seamless and simple the application workflow is and how end users feel about it.

During the day, I am a lead UX|UI dev at Moment Factory developing a WPF based 3D projection mapping and media server tool.

I spend the rest of my time developing apps for clients and sometimes myself based on UWP (Universal Windows Platform), WPF and other technologies. I am also interested in Unity3D, HoloLens and Xamarin.

I have also published a couple of apps on Microsoft Windows Store:

In this blog, I would try to share my thoughts and experience focusing around the User Experience side of applications. By UX, I don't mean just a good UI, which is also important, but I mean how seamless the experience is for the end user when using a tool or an application.

How good the experience is and what we can do to make it great?

I will also write some technical code and solutions around technologies such as WPF, XAML, UWP, C# and related.

Feel free to say hello, contact or follow me on: